Selling Made Simpler

You may be thinking, ‘I think I want to sell my property. But where do I even begin?’

A useful starting point is here. Selling your home is likely not something you’ll do too many times in your lifetime, but it’s something we do everyday. We know it can be simple and stress free with the right team of skills and knowledge working towards your goals. 

To help you better understand what’s involved in the selling process, we’ve outlined the key steps and tips you’ll want to know, to make your selling experience the most positive one it can be.

1. Appointing the right sales agent for you

Engaging the right real estate agent to sell your home is a decision that can determine your entire experience. Dedicate your time to researching the agents in your property’s area, read reviews and testimonials from other customers, or even visit them at open homes to observe first hand how they conduct themselves. 

Another strong indicator of a real estate agent’s reputation and ability is their results. Have a look at their real estate sales history and how their performance compares to other agents in the local area. 

When you’ve found an agent you feel comfortable with, meet with them to talk over their service agreement, and ask all the questions you need to determine if they’re the fit you’ve been looking for, before proceeding. The right agent for you will be able to help you land on an appropriate and achievable price guide, decide on your method of sale, and provide you with useful information on the current market and nuances of your local area.

2. Getting a conveyancer or solicitor on board

A conveyancer or solicitor’s role is to assist with preparing legal documents - such as a contract of sale - address any special conditions, and provide overall assurance that the sale is legal.

As experts who know the legislation, their coordination of complex paperwork and payments, handling of your property settlement, and general advice on the legal aspects of the sales process provides peace of mind, and helps ensure things run smoothly.

3Preparing your property at its best

First impressions are so important in the property market. There is clear evidence that buyers are naturally more drawn to furnished and styled properties, which feel more homely, and provide a visual of its living potential.

Part of preparing your property for sale is taking steps to make it more presentable. This includes cleaning, general maintenance and refreshing, paint touch-ups, and for best results, professional staging for the photos used in its advertising.

4. Going live with a sales campaign

An effective marketing campaign ensures you maximise all the effort put into presenting your property in its best light. For the best results, aim for clear, bright, and appealing photos taken by a professional, that are accompanied by creative and informative copywriting to draw in the right buyers.

For an online listing, consider the value of having it advertised at the top spot on real estate websites to give it optimal exposure. At Chidiac, we only ever advertise your property with a premium front page ad on the two largest online platforms available, ensuring it gets in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Conducting open homes and private inspections gives prospective buyers the opportunity to see your property in person, and get a feel for it and the surrounding suburb so they can determine whether or not it suits their lifestyle and needs.

5. Negotiating a sale

Negotiating with buyers who are interested in your home is really where your trust in your agent and their artful selling skills takes precedent. Their aim should be to get the best possible price for your property, know when to consider offers, and when to reject them. Their industry experience and negotiation skill means they can set apart opportunistic buyers, and truly understand what your property can realistically achieve.

There are also instances where a property won’t even make it online or hold an open for inspection before being sold. A great real estate agent with strong local networks will often have a vast database of active buyers they’re able to connect with properties they have available. 

At Chidiac, we regularly communicate with the many buyers we have relationships with, informing them about new opportunities before they go live, and providing properties for sale with highly targeted exposure to a whole new set of potential, qualified purchasers.

6. Exchange and settlement

Once you receive an offer you are satisfied with, the contract of sale is exchanged and the buyer pays a deposit. In sales by private treaty, the buyer has a cooling off period where they can choose to withdraw from buying, and this can vary depending on the terms drafted in the contract for sale.

A standard settlement is six weeks, and marks the day that the buyer pays the outstanding contract price to the vendor, gaining legal possession over the property. All that’s left for you to do is celebrate!

With the right team by your side, selling can really be that simple and stress-free.

Chidiac act as your partner in property, bringing your goals to reality by guiding you through the technical, strategic, and human aspects of sales. 

Let’s talk today about what selling your home might look like for you.

If you've decided to sell your property, we've created a quick guide on how to minimise the stress of putting your home on the market. Click here to read the guide.

Alexander Chidiac
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