Helping you buy and move before Christmas

Signing off on this week’s results is the record sale of 248/30 Baywater Drive, Wentworth Point swiftly exchanged after its first open home and less than a week on the market. The studio apartment reached a sale price of $515,000, marking a new record for a property of this kind in Wentworth Point at $120,000 more than its comparable, neighbouring apartment which sold in February this year for $395,000.

This achievement was shared with two other sales this week - 211/12 Nuvolari Place, Wentworth Point (2 bed), and 511/18 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point (2 bed), a solid indication that buyers are showing no signs of slowing down their purchasing plans, even as the Christmas season fast approaches.

If being in your new home before the year ends is an important part of your purchasing timeline, don’t be deterred from acting on the right opportunity now. You may have the option to move into your new home under licence and pay rent until the settlement date - we’ll help negotiate terms that work for you.

The recommencement of Wentworth Point markets has been further delayed over November, with the event now being rescheduled and split into two separate markets:

Twilight market on Saturday 18 December 4pm - 9pm 

Farmer’s market on Saturday 19 December 8am - 2pm 

Wondering what Wentworth Point might look like in the near future? Transport NSW has released its Community Consultation Report on the proposed upgrades to Hill Road, aimed at delivering improved infrastructure and connectivity within Wentworth Point and surrounding precincts. The proposal includes a range of changes, including redesigning critical intersections, road widening and extensions, the installation of new traffic and pedestrian signals, and improving stormwater and flood mitigation infrastructure.

Pending approval of the project, works are expected to begin in 2023 and for residents in the area, it will ensure future traffic and capacity growth will be effectively accommodated by reducing congestion and travel, and improving road safety all round.


Alexander Chidiac
Alex’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meticulously plan, execute and effectively adapt to change has earnt him an exceptional reputation within the industry.