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Buyers know Christmas is almost upon us, with the window of opportunity to buy and settle before it arrives fast closing in. We’ve seen buyer confidence and certainty in the market at peak levels, with purchasing momentum bringing our second week of November to ten successful sales already. 

The five properties that will be welcoming new owners this week are: 215/19 Hill Road, Wentworth Point (one bed), 516/46 Savona Drive, Wentworth Point (two bed, off market), 211/20-24 Epping Road, Epping (two bed, off market), 825/8 Lapwing Street, Wentworth Point (two bed) and 2412/2 Waterways Street, Wentworth Point (three bed, off market).

Quick, off market transactions are still an effective way of showcasing and linking genuine purchasers to select, suitable properties. 516/46 Savona Drive was exchanged this week within a couple of days of being showcased to our buyer database, with 11 groups attending its first off market inspection. 

The rate of strong buyer activity is resounding throughout the wider Wentworth Point market which has seen 14 properties sold so far this month, and we expect this deep run of activity to continue right up to the end of the year.

As the Christmas season draws closer, we expect there will likely be fewer new listings to meet the unwavering buyer demand. In an environment of limited choice, and now time, we anticipate an even more competitive close to the end of 2021.

Don’t delay making the right decisions now, while chances of finding the right home remain high and there is no need to compromise on the features you want. We’ll help lead the way as we enter the final few days to buy and be settled by Christmas. For those keen to nest into their new home ahead of the holiday season, negotiating a shorter settlement could also be an option. 

We are offering free information sessions in person or via zoom to walk potential buyers through the purchasing process, with the aim of equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to purchase with confidence. Contact us today to book a time.

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