Fastest value rises since 1989

Last week we shared with you the swift sale of 101/25 Hill Road, Wentworth Point which spent a mere four days on the market and undoubtedly charmed buyers, attracting three unique offers. We can now disclose its impressive, final sale price of $810,100 - which is not only another building record, but now a new suburb record for a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. 

We exchanged three properties this week, 906/11 Wentworth Place, Wentworth Point (2,2,1 above Marina Square), 512/19 Baywater Drive, Wentworth Point off market (2,2,2 in Alora) and 116/38 Shoreline Drive (2,2,1 in Rhodes). 512 was exchanged off market within days of being listed, and has surpassed the current Alora building record - a price we look forward to disclosing once the cooling off period ends.

As Wentworth Point sustains substantial market growth even amidst the most testing of lockdown conditions, purchasers are resoundingly confident to secure a home sooner rather than later, knowing that their decision to buy guarantees a central location, active waterside lifestyle, and other desirable features that only promise future growth.

Buyers aren’t the only ones investing in Wentworth Point. The growing suburb has major plans in place for new infrastructure in its future high school, light rail and foreshore marina, all of which are sure to further build its potential and enhance its community appeal.

Figures from September are in. Sydney units recorded a 1.4% lift in the last month, bringing their year on year movements 11.5% above September 2020. National home values remain 17% and 20% higher since January and the past 12 months respectively, as the fastest paced annual growth rate since the year ending June 1989.


Alexander Chidiac
Alex’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meticulously plan, execute and effectively adapt to change has earnt him an exceptional reputation within the industry.