Active buyers advantage in current conditions

We exchanged five properties this week in Wentworth Point at Rosehill, Ryde, Baywater Drive & Footbridge Boulevard. Check out our plans for this month.

Our performance remains consistent this week with the exchange of five properties - 9/91 Arthur Street, Rosehill415/20 Nancarrow Avenue, Ryde863/3 Baywater Drive, Wentworth Point520/22 Baywater Drive, Wentworth Point and 801/2 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point.

Results like this reinforce the steadfast buyer activity that has dominated this year, and constant levels of urgency that continue to move quality properties through the market at a sustained pace. 

What we can expect will propel the current environment is the noticeable reduction in new listings. So far this month, just nine properties have been listed for sale in Wentworth Point and we’ve exchanged eight - seven of which were in the suburb. With reduced supply, active buyers are moving in quickly on their opportunity to purchase, and we’re accommodating this with one on one private inspections.

The median days our properties are spending on the market is trending downwards consecutively each month with 24 in April, 20 in May, and 18 over June. If the trend continues at the current rate, now presents an opportune time for potential buyers to take action and capitalise on reduced buyer numbers as a result of the temporary hold on open inspections.

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