Buyer activity up with three exchanges

Chidiac is seeing continuous growth in sales in 2021. Read important points from the Mortgage Choice research study on financial goals & home ownership.

2021 has arrived with bounce. Whilst many took a break to recalibrate after an atypical year, we experienced notably high activity throughout the holiday period with 108 enquiries, and 72 inspections since Christmas.

The bar has been set with three properties exchanged and a fourth under negotiation this week. Based on the level of activity we’ve entered the year with, we can expect solid buyer competition and consistently low stock to drive price increases. 

What else can we expect from 2021? A sharp focus on financial goals, and serious desire for home ownership - particularly in young people - according to research from Mortgage Choice. Four in 5 survey respondents are prioritising financial security right now, with nearly 45% more likely to want to purchase a home at present, and feeling optimistic about achieving important home ownership goals this year. 

The vast majority of respondents (85.9%) have drastically changed their saving and spending behaviour since last year, with 7 in 10 intending to maintain these habits and build their savings capacity, now considered the highest priority. 

The research also tells us that almost 1 in 3 of first home buyers lack confidence in navigating the purchasing process. It doesn’t have to be a daunting journey. We’re here to help you understand each step, and make informed decisions. Reach out now and let us know what you have in mind for this year, so we can share our newest opportunities with you.


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