Unlocking the Secret of Property Styling

Would you have picked property styling as a seller’s best kept secret?

Property styling is truly a key sales tool for sellers and agents, and is one of the most effective ways to elevate the overall appeal of your home, making it one that lots of people want to buy.

Letting design professionals breathe new life and potential into your space can truly make a difference, and it’s useful to think of property styling as an investment into your property sale.

Research shows that homeowners usually see a return of around 10 times or 7.5 - 12.5% what they spend on styling, and some studies suggest property styling can increase sales prices by 20%. A huge 87% of real estate agents agree that property styling will undoubtedly increase the value of your home, and we have to agree.


Here’s why the immaculate presentation created by property stylists matters.

1. Property stylists know how drive an emotional connection

Buying a property is an emotional investment, and property stylists know how to create an emotional connection between buyers and homes. 

It’s about aesthetics, but also an entire lifestyle - one that you want people to covet, and see themselves living.

Beautifully styled properties allow people to visualise themselves in the space, establish the feeling of home, and showcase an aspirational life.

Studies show that over 80% of buyers find it easier to imagine a property as their future home when it’s styled.

From a sales perspective, establishing this emotional investment in a home builds on the desire to purchase, and this can result in a quicker sale, competition, or higher offers.


2. Property stylists know how to attract a broader group of buyers

By knowing what works and what doesn’t, property stylists have a keen understanding of design, and what appeals to a wider range of tastes.

Their goal is to make a lasting first impression on as many different prospective buyers as possible, whether it be through colour palettes and furniture, or lighting that makes for better photographs that will be used throughout the entire campaign.


3. Property stylists know how to enhance and minimise 

Stylists have a trained eye in knowing how to highlight and enhance your home’s most attractive features, showcasing them in a way that draws focus and appeal.

Likewise, they know how to keep a buyer's attention away from some of the less inspiring aspects of a home.

Their role is to uplift the good, detract from imperfections, and present a particular home’s unique lifestyle.

Property styling is invaluable in any market, as every seller wants to achieve top dollar when making the decision to sell their home.

We work with talented stylists that create sophisticated and impactful spaces, and we’ve seen first-hand the results that can be achieved when professional styling is part of a property’s marketing campaign.

We can show you the results for ourselves. Let’s chat about how we can incorporate professional styling into the sale of your home.



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Unlocking the Secret of Property Styling

Would you have picked property styling as a seller’s best kept secret?

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