Off Market Property Sales: Key Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you considering selling your property and looking for an alternative to the traditional marketing methods? Off market sales have gained popularity in recent years, offering both advantages and disadvantages to sellers. In fact, at Chidiac, we sell 32% of our properties off market. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of selling off market to help you determine if this method is suitable for your needs.


1. Cost-Effective Approach

One of the primary benefits of an off market sale is the potential for reduced advertising and marketing expenses. Since there is little to no public advertising involved, sellers can save on costs they would typically incur during a regular sales campaign.

2. Streamlined and Stress-Free Process

The discreet nature of off market sales alleviates much of the stress associated with traditional property sales. With no open houses and minimal inspections, sellers can enjoy a more relaxed experience. Qualified agents can also filter potential buyers, ensuring that only serious prospects view your property, thus saving time and effort.

3. Enhanced Urgency and Exclusivity

Off market sales often create a sense of urgency among buyers due to the exclusive opportunity to purchase a property before it becomes widely available. This exclusivity can lead to faster sales and competitive prices, as buyers may be more motivated to secure the property.


1. Limited Buyer Exposure

One drawback of the off market approach is the possibility of a smaller buyer pool, which could potentially limit competition for your home. By not advertising to the wider public, you might miss out on attracting interested buyers who could drive up the price.

2. Uncertainty in Maximising Sales Price

Without exposing your property to the broadest pool of buyers, it's difficult to gauge the highest price the market might be willing to pay. This uncertainty could result in a lower sales price than you could have achieved through a traditional campaign.

This risk can be mitigated by closely examining the sale prices of highly comparable properties that have recently sold in the current market, you can better gauge your property's potential value.


To mitigate the potential drawbacks of off market sales, it's essential to work with an experienced and knowledgeable sales agent. The right agent can leverage their extensive network and expertise to connect your property with the most suitable buyers, ensuring a successful off market transaction.

Off market sales can be a viable option for sellers seeking a more discreet and cost-effective method. By carefully considering the pros and cons and partnering with an experienced sales agent, you can make an informed decision about whether an off market strategy is right for you.

Alexander Chidiac
Alex’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meticulously plan, execute and effectively adapt to change has earnt him an exceptional reputation within the industry.