How long does it take to buy property?

The dream of owning your own home is one thing; making it a reality is another. 

While there are lots of little steps you’ll need to take towards buying a home, it doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. With the right prep work, you can be settled into your new nest in no time. Here’s how.

The right financial position for the right property

Timing can be critical when it comes to buying, so beginning your property search while your finances are being prepared can be an efficient approach that may help bring your timeline closer together.


It takes the average buyer approximately three months of actively looking at homes before they land on something they love, this includes getting finances in order and approved. Timeframes can of course vary depending on the complexity of your loan, or the type of lender you are applying with.


When both your financial position and property search come together at the same time, you’ll find yourself best placed to move immediately on negotiating a purchase.


When you’ve negotiated the exchange, there is usually a standard 42 day settlement period at the end of which, you’re required to pay the balance of the purchase price and are able to take possession of the property. 


Settlement periods outside of the standard 42 days are achievable and can be negotiated to either a shorter amount of time, or an extended period. 


These terms depend on the flexibility of the seller, and are well worth the time and effort to achieve a settlement date that works for both of you, and your circumstances.



As one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, it’s understandable that you’ll want to take your time to find a home you love. Being realistic about what’s achievable can make all the difference in the time your property search takes. 


If you find the right fit, we’ll help you make it yours. Talk to us today about your buying timeline.


Alexander Chidiac
Alex’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meticulously plan, execute and effectively adapt to change has earnt him an exceptional reputation within the industry.