Selling in a changing market

Sydney has one of the strongest property markets, and it can be easy to think your home will sell itself without much effort. Homes may sell, but reaching the best possible result is a different ball game. 

Similarly, in a market showing signs of stabilisation or even decline, there’s no need to shy away from reaching for your property goals. Getting the strategy right is key in a changing market, and all you need is a powerful team equipped with the tools to execute it.

If achieving the most from the sale of your asset is important to you as a seller, you can’t ignore the importance of preparation, presentation, and strategy.

Here’s why:


Always aim to enlist the help of an experienced agent who has the intellect and capability to adapt and build their knowledge of any market.

An agent who commits themselves to thorough research and knows what they need to understanding the market in your area is an agent who is able to develop and execute a successful and tailored sales campaign, shaped by their insight on your particular property and the suburb it is in.

Their well rounded knowledge and experience is bound to see an excellent sale price, because they truly understand its worth, your competition, potential buyer groups, and how to best position your property in the current market as it evolves - in a more detailed and nuanced way than other agents might.

Ultimately, ability like this is rare to find in just any run-of-the-mill agent, and proves invaluable for a seller navigating the sales process.


Looks matter. The value that attractive presentation brings to a property cannot be overlooked, and when potential buyers view a home and feel the space they’re in, it's the presentation that is responsible for the entire connection being built between your home and its future owner. A connection that can be created through a simple refresh, cosmetic upgrades, deep cleaning and professional styling and staging.

Showcasing your property in its best light creates beauty, style, ambience, and potential that makes it memorable, and helps people seeing themselves living there.

Look for an agent who has a network of professionals and tradespeople available who can help transform your home, and will be able to take the load off you by organising the services you need for exemplary presentation.


Strategy begins well before your property hits the market, so pricing with purpose is an important starting point. An effective price guide should be influenced by a combination of your agent’s local market knowledge, a comparative analysis of similar properties, and consideration of your unique needs, all with the aim of achieving more exposure, more showings, more offers, and the best possible return for you.

When it comes to marketing strategy, around 94% of buyers will start their new home search online, which means photographs, copywriting, and overall exposure and reach will have a huge impact on the success of your sales campaign. 

The importance of a strong online presence and an expert, tailored marketing strategy should include things like:

  • Off market agent engagement with their network of buyers
  • Professional cleaning, photography, styling and staging of your property 
  • Creative and engaging copywriting 
  • Premium listings on the most frequented real estate websites

It’s important to be ready to act quickly if the right buyer comes along, and this is especially true for properties that haven’t yet hit the market, but have been shown to a select number of active buyers known by your agent. An effective and reputable agent will have a strong network of potential buyers, and be ready to take them through your home privately before it is officially on the market - so don’t be too surprised if you get an offer above your expectations before it even launches into the public domain.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, take agent advice, and be flexible with your strategy along the way. Staying informed of where you’re at in the sales process will help you feel comfortable in any market environment you may be operating in. So be prepared to change direction if needed, and trust your agent’s strategic competence and expertise to lead the way with the best advice for you.

As local experts, we’ve got years of experience selling in varied market conditions, from tight to booming. We understand our local areas, and are backed by a team of skilled strategists who know how to reach your end goal, no matter the market. 

Let’s get talking about what you want out of a sale, and how we can make it happen.



Alexander Chidiac
Alex’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meticulously plan, execute and effectively adapt to change has earnt him an exceptional reputation within the industry.