Renting out your property

There is a lot to consider when thinking about becoming a landlord. If questions like ‘where do I begin if I want to rent my property?’ Or ‘what’s involved in leasing my house?’ are on your mind, we’re here to provide some answers.



Minor changes can have a major impact on the appeal of a home and the type of tenants it attracts. Would some small upgrades to fixtures and fittings throughout elevate its look? Would a more modern looking kitchen or refreshed bathroom completely transform it? Sometimes it’s something as simple as fresh paint and steam cleaned carpet. 


Viewing your property with the perspective of a potential tenant will help you gain a clear understanding of what it can benefit from, and the expert leasing team at Chidiac are able to offer guidance and advice on how to maximise your home’s rental appeal with their trained eyes. We’ll also organise any and all tradespeople you might need to get the job done.



So you’ve maximised your property’s appeal, but what about maximising the return you receive on it as a landlord? 

As an investor or individual looking to rent out their property, you’ll want to ensure you charge fairly and in line with the market, but also make the most you can out of it.


Undertaking your own research by looking at comparable rental properties on the market in your local area will provide you with a fair guide on what similar properties are renting for, but to really harness the most you can, engaging a leasing agent is key. 


Local Property managers will have well-rounded rental knowledge in your particular area, and their expert rental appraisals will give you an even more nuanced idea of what rental price your property can achieve. 


At Chidiac, we share our wealth of insight with landlords and specialise in knowing the market conditions. By examining the unique aspects of each home, including their features and selling points, size, location, condition, and amenities, we’re able to determine a useful and evidence-based rental price guide for you, then work our hardest to maximise your return.



With a rental price guide that works for you, your Property manager will be able to walk you through exactly the most suitable marketing strategy for you to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.


Creating a high impact rental listing through a professionally presented campaign and advertising will help attract the best quality tenants, and leasing agents are skilled at knowing exactly how to do this.

Our strong and expertly coordinated campaigns will always include most of the following:

  • Professional and high quality photos of your home presented at its best 
  • A compelling and creative description of the property and its features that ensures potential tenants see themselves living in the space 
  • Premium advertisements on and or and social media platforms
  • Email communication showcasing your rental listing to a targeted database of potential tenants
  • Open homes and property viewings 



Tenants who express an interest in renting your home are required to complete a rental property application and submit it for the agency’s review.


We understand the importance of finding the right tenant for your home, and our trained Leasing agents and Property managers painstakingly assess the suitability of all applications, by screening applicants, conducting thorough background checks, and validating tenant history, identification, and income. 


By producing a shortlist of those we consider most eligible, we will then provide you with a pool of only the best potential tenants for your property. 



Landlord insurance is optional, but we recommend it as a way of protecting you against potential financial losses you could face as a landlord. 


Your insurance policy premiums are tax deductible which is a bonus, and can help provide peace of mind in mitigating any of the risks that come with renting out your home, covering events that could cause a loss of rental income, such as theft or damage to your property.



Engaging a Property manager is not mandatory for a landlord, but their role is pivotal in the success of an investment. 


All tenants have queries, requirements, and maintenance requests that need time, patience, and understanding to attend to. Additionally, as rental markets change, so can the price of what your property can rent for, and when it comes increasing rent, knowing when the right time to review rent can be difficult if you’re not involved in the local rental market on a day to day basis in the way professional Property managers are. 


Our experienced Property managers save you as a landlord significant time and money, bringing value to your investment by:

  • Dealing with the numerous day-to-day tenant demands
  • Managing regular inspections to ensure your property is being looked after
  • Managing the rent, including setting, adjusting and collecting
  • Ensuring rent is paid on time and your cash flow is maintained
  • Handling emergencies, complaints, evictions and other issues
  • Knowing specific local landlord-tenant laws and looking after the tenant
  • Managing the ongoing reporting process
  • Managing the lease sign-up process
  • Managing budgets and financial records


We understand the integral role of an excellent Property manager in the success of your rental, and seek out the best talent we can find to build our Property management teams, ensuring their communication, negotiation, efficiency, and organisation skills are of the highest degree. With ongoing training and education in NSW tenancy laws, the local market, and the ability to align their thinking with investors, we’re confident that engaging one of our Property managers to look after your home is the smartest decision you can make as a landlord.


Our helpful team of specialist Leasing agents and Property managers are ready to appraise your home today, and set it up for success so you can maximise your property investment. 

Johnny Chidiac
John’s natural ability to nurture long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with clients makes him an exemplary networker who listens carefully, and shares his in-depth knowledge to guide clients’ informed decision making.