Jodine Karam
Sales Assistant
Mobile 02 8960 8977

Jodine has a background in sales and retail where she excelled at providing customer service and helping people. Seeking further career growth she successfully completed her Certificate of Registration (Real Estate) and is delighted to now be working in the real estate industry. In her role as Sales Agent Assistant Jodine’s tasks are many and varied, from preparing properties for open inspections to typing up market appraisals. She loves the contact she has with clients and the public as well as the positive and supportive team environment in the office. Jodine is driven by her goal to continuously learn, improve and deliver outstanding levels of service. Playing a role that helps clients long term is very rewarding and she values the friendships that develop in this vibrant, busy and challenging work place. When not at work Jodine loves spending time with family and friends and has a passion for travel that she hopes to keep exploring.