HOT TIP – Selling / Why You Should Use An Agent

Deciding to sell your property without an agent?
Recent studies have shown that across the country the average charge is around 2% to 2.5% of the sale price of your home, with agents therefore averaging a commission around $12, 000.  Now that might seem like a large sum of money, but it is worth looking into the advantages of having an agent on board. We have come up with a few key advantages of utilising an agent, in order to sell your home.

1. Experience Is Key

Do we need say more?

Buy paying for an agent, you are paying for expertise and intimate knowledge of your local property market. Why else is this a plus? Because they know property values. A lot of home owners who decide to sell on their own, don’t know the true value of their property – leaving them short of pocket in the long run.

Yes, they may save $10,000 in agent commission fees, however  they end up loosing five times that amount in the process.


2. They Take Away The Hassle

They say time equals money right? – So what exactly is your time worth?

Just remember that in order to selling a home you will need to invest your time in the following:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Research
  • Holding open inspections
  • Make time to meet buyers, then following up on those buyers

– And this is all before you even go through with the whole  process of actually selling the home.

Buyers want to look through your place, at times that suit them – but not always you. Your lack of availability is likely to turn some buyers off, meaning you’ll have less people through the property than if you let an agent handle it. This is an agents job. Not only will an agent save you time, but they will be available an convenient hours, and have the process done as efficiently as possible, as they are experts in the matter.

3. They Know The Deal

An agent does this work day in and day out, meaning they know exactly how to deal with buyers. They know who are genuine buyers and who are time wasters – again saving time and money!



4. The Power Of Marketing

Agents have a large network of buyers at their fingertips, and access to great marketing platforms. A well presented and promoted property has a great chance of  being noticed and seen buy more potential buyers. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing in real estate.

If you are looking to sell, then take away some of the stress buy hiring an agent – they wont let you down!



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