HOT TIP – Selling / Declutter Before The Rush

If you are looking to sell in the near future, its a good idea to start to declutter your life. Throughout our life we accumulate a numerous amount of belongings – some have a purpose, some are useful and some.. not so much.

Here at Chidiac Realty, we have learnt from experience just how much of a turn off clutter and chaos is to buyers, so we have come up with our top 4 tips to help you declutter your home and get it ready for the market.


1. Start Small

Lets be real, we all have rooms full of stuff we don’t need, perhaps even stuff we haven’t seen in years – and what does it become? CLUTTER. Clutter can hide in places we cant even see, such as under the bed, in corners of the room and tucked away in cupboards. Our first word of advice? Start small. Take it one room or area and get started – from here you can take it one room at a time. At least its a start!


2. Sort it out

Try to break down your belongings into categories. We believe the most obvious three are:

  1. Things you want to keep/ take with you
  2. Things you would consider donating or selling – think if people would actually get some use out of this item, or it it needs a toss.
  3. Things you want to throw away


3. Save Your Boxes

Start to store any boxes you can until you are ready to sell. Believe it or not, buying boxes to move can be expensive especially when you have a lot of belongings. Bought something online and it came in a decent box? Keep  it !

This way you can start to pack away bits and pieces that you know you don’t need until you arrive in your new place. We believe that packing away personal items such as family photos and memoirs is a good start, leaving only neutral decorative items. If you leave some nice decor for last, then you could save money when it comes to staging your home for auction / inspection !

4. Create SPACE

Just because you shove your belongings from under the bed into a cupboard, doesn’t mean that you’re de-cluttering. Buyers like to look though cupboards, and hidden spaces to get an idea of how much space they  would have if they lived there. Clear up surfaces ! Let buyers see benches, cupboard spaces and floors. It’s also worth noting that buyers like to picture their own things insides wardrobes and cupboards, so try not to empty them out completely – find a practical medium, that allows you to still carry out your day to day routines  until you move.


When you move into your new place, you will have shed one layer of clutter from your life, and will be ready to start all over again 🙂

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