HOT TIP – Renting / How To Rent With Pets

Here at Chidiac Realty, we understand that a pet is part of the family. Renting and owning a pet however, isn’t always the best match.

Been there? – Here are some tips to help you find a pet friendly property.


1. It Can’t Hurt To Ask 

First things first – to ask! So many people look at a listed property, and if it doesn’t say ” Pet’s allowed”, then they move on with their search.   Start by asking the question, and respect the answer, even if it doesn’t return in your favour. (Sometimes the landlord does’nt mind, but strata / laws restrict animals in a property.)

2. Try To Compromise 

There is a few of ways you could go about this:

  • Offer More Rent – By offering more rent to cover your pet, your landlord/ property manager may be more willing to compromise. Make it clear that you don’t mind paying a little bit more, if it means you get to keep your little room mate. This also gives financial peace of mind that any damage that the pet could potentially cause, is covered.
  • Suggest A Trial Period – See if they are willing to allow you a trial period of a few months, this way they can see if their are any problems, and you can make adjustments to the lease as required. (Be sure to document this in writing)
  • Commit To Clean – Although you are already obligated to clean up your property once your lease has ended, if may help to provide commitments to deep cleaning carpets and deodorising at the end of your agreement.

If you agree any of the above,  then get the agreed terms in writing with your property manager. By having everything in writing, you can refer to these documents later down the track if any confusion or dispute arises. Ask your property manager to draw up a separate Pet Agreement that outlines all terms and responsibilities from both parties.

3. Keep A Record

Make sure that you keep important documents such as, vaccination certificates, vet receipts and other pet paperwork, so that you can easily produce them if required. If you share these with your property manager, it shows that you are efficient and also a caring pet owner.

Note that sometimes, landlord want to know as much about each tenant as possible – including your pet. It is a good idea to keep a pet profile handy: this can include photos, breed, personality traits and important pet paperwork.



Our tip above all ?  Think Of Your Furry Friend

Make sure you take into consideration the space around you, and they type of pet you are looking to get/currently have. Do you have a backyard? Are you close to any parks? If there enough space in this home for a pet to live comfortably?

Your property search should not only be for you, but  for your pet too.



If you have any questions about renting with your pet, please give one of our friendly staff at Chidiac Realty, a call – we would love to help !