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HOT TIP – Renting / Who Is Responsible For Repairs?

When you agree to rent a property, you agree to take on the responsibility of maintaining that property. Before you move in your landlord should ensure that your new rental is well repaired and suitable for you to live in.


Whilst you are living on the premises, you are responsible for maintaining it to a reasonable state. Naturally, everyday issues do arise, but you need to make sure you take action to keep the property clean and tidy. For example: Cleaning up spills as scuffs  soon as they happen, attending to mould (especially in older homes) and maintaining your outdoor garden so that pests arnt attracted.

During the tenancy most landlords are responsible for maintaining the rented premises to a reasonable state of repair. At all times tenants must take reasonable action to prevent any potential maintenance issues arising by keeping the premises clean and hygienic, for example: attending to spills immediately to prevent floor rot and to not invite pests or vermin, and often keeping the garden clean and tidy so pests aren’t attracted.

In most cases the landlord is responsible for all repairs to the building structure, including doors, windows, ceilings, roof, etc, however everything is clearly stated in your contract of lease (Tenancy Agreement).


Is it an ‘Emergency’?

Emergency repairs normally include the following:

  • Gas Leaks
  • Blocked Drains / Toilets
  • Leaking roofs
  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Flooding
  • Breakdown Of Essential Appliances (for hot water / cooking / heating)
  • Dangerous Electrical Faults
  • Serious Damage Causes By Natural Disasters ( storms, floods, hail)

If your situation is not listed above then is more than likely considered a routine repair. The Tenancy Agreement should include information about what to do in an emergency listed above and the details for your contact in an emergency situation. A good landlord/agent will have a an emergency contact list already prepared for you at the start of lease.

Do I Have To Pay?

If you are required at the time to pay for the emergency repairs, it’s often normal practice for the landlord or agent to pay you back. or pay the bill within seven days. Be sure to read your Tenancy Agreement when you move in  to make sure what is and isn’t clearly stated, and get clarification where needed. You must normally provide a copy of the invoice or receipt.

What If Its Not An Emergency?

This is considered to be a ‘routine repair’.

Any request for a repair should be in writing, so that both parties can reference if needed.  These requests are usually given a time period in which they will be completed.

If nothing develops, you as the tenant can then seek advice from the tribunal. The tribunal will make a decision based on your circumstances.

No matter what the circumstances, you are still legally bound to pay your rent. Failure to do so is a breach of your agreement.


But Most Importantly…


Although these may be the most common practices, not all contracts are the same. Make sure you read your agreement thoroughly and speak to your agent if you have any questions.

HOT TIP – Applying For Rentals / With No Rental History

So you want to start renting, but the only problem is you don’t have any rental history. It’s like when you apply for a job, and they ask for job experience, yet you cant get job experience without a job? Now we arn’t saying these next tips will help you secure that job you’ve been wanting, but here at Chidiac Realty, we believe that they will certainly give your rental application some credibility.

Here are our hot tips on securing a rental lease if you’ve never had one before.

1. Prepare your papers

The first step is getting yourself, and your flat mates, organised. Organise all of your paperwork in advance, as the rental process moves fast! Payslips, identification, payslips and a list of references is a must.



2. Round up your references

Now as its your first time renting, you wont have a referral from another landlord or agent – but not to worry. Agents understand that everyone has to take that first step at some point. Ask a current or previous employer for a reference, or even ask a friend or family member to go guarantor. This means they will be responsible for paying the rent if you miss your payments.


3. Heard of “First impressions always count”?

Either you, or one of your future housemates, should attend the property inspection. It is important to be on time, and dressed presentably. This is the first impression the real estate agent will have of you.


4. Show your income and regular repayments

Include as much information as possible about where your get your income from and how often you get paid. This is crucial information for a landlord or agent – the more consistant your payments are, the better you stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps you have you have paid off an item on a payment plan? If so, this is great proof or regular repayments.

Note: Offering to set up a direct debit shows willingness and commitment to pay rent on time – this is a plus!


5. Follow up with a phone call

If you haven’t heard anything back for a couple of days, follow up your application with a friendly phone call.  Without being pushy, let your agent know that your really interested in the property and see if they would like any more information from you.

HOT TIP – Selling Your Property / Property Presentation

Are you selling your property? Here at Chidiac Realty we believe an appealing presentation plays a major role in selling your property. From the moment it goes onto the market your property should looks its best – here are  6 of our top tips !


1.Lighten up your space: Make your space look and feel bigger by taking advantage of  light. Bright lights, open doors and windows, and mirrors help increase a sense of space.

2. De-clutter: Another way to make a room look larger? – Less clutter.  On another note, the less clutter you have, the more your prospective buyer is able to imagine their own belongings in the property, making the property more appealing.

3. First Impressions: Make sure the front / entrance of your property looks inviting  – after all this is the first area buyers will see. Tidy up your garden, and try some blooming flowers or nice pot plants to spruce up the scene.

4. Make It Cosy:  Make your house feel like a home by creating warmth. If your home suits the temperature of the day, then prospective buyers are more likely to connect with your space. If it’s a hot day turn on your aircon and open some windows, and if its cold outside, light some candles and turn on a heater. You may also want to hire furniture or accessories to create a desired look.

5. Pets: Clean up after your pets. If possible, try to remove your pet from the property during the times of inspection.

6. Clean The Air : Speaking of pets, sometimes their scent can linger around the house. Get rid of bad smells like smoke and pet odours buying opening up the windows, and airing the house out for a hour before the inspection. Fresh flowers and burning candles may also help freshen the air.


HOT TIP – Ending Your Lease

Are you getting ready to vacate your property? Here at Chidiac Realty we know that moving house means you have a lot on your plate. Its our job to remind you about the little things that sometimes get overlooked. Check out these three tips to help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Mail Redirection – head down to your local post office to ensure that all of you mail is re-directed to your new address. Australia Post offers a quick-to-fill form that can assist you with this.


2. Utilities – Phone, electricity, wifi etc. Calling your providers and letting them know about your move, ensures all accounts are cancelled accordingly – saving you stress (sometimes) urgent connection/disconnection fees at the time of your move.


3. Keys – Its more then likely that you were handed a bunch of keys before to your rental. House kets, garage door keys, keys you never use but have siting a drawer? Save yourself time and hassle by organising all of these keys onto one keychain before you move. Loss of keys always require a replacement fee!